Machining & Fabrication

Milling and Turning

To support custom manufacturing and made-to-print part fabrication, Midway capabilities include milling and turning plastic, composites, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel and some exotic materials include magnesium and hasteloy.

  • We maintain a large stock of raw materials for reduced lead times, and can meet same day turnaround.
  • We are capable of producing extremely large and very small parts.
  • Our CNC milling and turning centers increase productivity, quality and capability of complex parts.
  • Gibbs software can easily convert 3D part models to programmed cutter paths.
  • Our high quality and high precision turning and milling equipment includes Haas, Cincinnati, Colchester and Bridgeport.
  • Midway has a highly skilled, certified work force ready to meet any challenge that comes our way.
  • We have an extensive variety of the latest technology in coated carbide and high speed tooling to meet the demand for difficult material machining.

Welding, Cutting and Forming

Our welding capabilities include spot or resistance welding, stick, MIG, TIG, oxy-fuel, and submerged arc. Sheet and plate cutting includes shearing, oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, water jet, blade, and punching. Forming includes bending, rolling, heat-vacuum form, heat bending, and compression.

Common material types include rubber, plastic, composites, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, all types of steel, stainless steel, and exotic materials that include, titanium, magnesium, and hasteloy.

Stainless Steel Finishes

We offer a wide range of surface finishes to meet your needs:

  • Hot Roll Mill Finish - a rough, dull surface applies to steel plate in 1/4" and thicker.
  • 2B Mill Finish - moderately reflective finish, used as is or polished.
  • #3 Finish - semi-polished surface has a prominent grain. (80 Grit Abrasive)
  • #4 Industrial Finish - this general purpose finish is bright with a visible grain. Used where a Sanitary finish is not required. (150 Grit Abrasive)
  • #4 Sanitary Finish - The visible grain prevents a mirror like finish. Meets 3A standards. (180 Grit Abrasive)
  • #6 Finish - Polished with finer grit and a reflective finish that is easier to clean because the product is less likely to adhere to the surface. (240 Grit Abrasive)
  • #7 Finish - A highly-reflective finish used wherever product contact surface and easy cleaning are important. (320 Girt Abrasive)
  • Electropolish - A mirror-like finish achieved by electric current and chemical.

Weld Finishes

Our comprehensive weld finishes are designed to complement finishes while assuring material integrity.

  • Finish as Welded
  • Free Hand Buff
  • Glass Bead
  • Stripe Buff
  • Passivating stainless steel, per ASTM A380