Project Management

Our project management process assures that all projects, large or small, benefit from our expertise design, value engineering, materials management, fabrication, validation, delivery and service. Customers appreciate our attention to detail and ability to deliver on expectations.

Our extensive in-house capabilities are complemented by our excellent working relationships with outside resources. To ensure that our clients benefit from leading technologies, we often provide integrated solutions in complex automation systems requiring proprietary intelligence such as aseptic cleanrooms, robotics and machine vision. Your project will be managed by a team whose experienced members are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Feasibility and Justification

Feasibility and justification are often the first steps in a new automation initiative. Midway engineers are able to assist you with determining the feasibility of a project. We can provide preliminary budgets, while assessing the various risks associated with a new project. Our experience will prove valuable in examining alternatives from an objective viewpoint.

While we may not make the final decision, we will provide you with the information you need – from concepts to designs, project costs and project savings, and return on investment – that will help you in making a sound decision. In many cases, we can provide trials and testing to scale.


Midway Machine methods of automation covers a wide range of technologies, allowing us to provide consultation services based on experience:

  • Process types: heating, cooling, atmosphere, mixing, pumping, cutting, forming
  • Select process or automation methods to match the product materials
  • Define the capabilities of different processes and automation methods
  • Aid in decision making for future projects
  • Improve on existing automation or process
  • Layout a plan of how to concept and design a specific project
  • Problem solve through design, research and development
  • Conduct feasibility and justification study to determine return on investment
  • Present estimate for a planned project, concept, or yearly budget

Design Engineering

Our team of top-notch designers is a source of vision, communication and translation: your business goals serve as the foundation to our innovative machine designs. We understand the need for synergy: to add value and improve your process. We understand the need for accountability. We combine creativity and ingenuity, with integrity and real world obstacles. You can rely on Midway for:

  • Schematics
  • Layout Drawings
  • Construction Prints
  • Process and Instrumentation Drawings
  • 2D and 3D Drawings through AutoCAD and Solidworks software packages