Our highly skilled and certified machine builders provide the horsepower for assembling automated systems and process equipment. Aided by 3 dimensional assembly drawings and exploded part views from our engineering department, project teams utilize a full complement of tools in translating design to well engineered solutions.

Every assembly is verified and approved by mechanical engineers and customers prior to system integration.

Testing of the equipment is a vital part of being successful. A full runoff and customer approval of the equipment prior to delivery insures smooth installation and start up.

Electrical Control Systems

Midway control systems incorporate technology from leading control systems suppliers and those best suited for your specific project. Servo-Motor controls, PLC’s, machine vision systems, operator interface controls, safety controls and communication networks leverage the best and the most reliable solution to meet specific criteria.

We provide complete documentation and training for all systems, and include data collection and software backup where appropriate.

Our goal is to simplify machine operation and reduce setup time while minimizing down time. In controls as in machine design, the simple solution is often the best solution. We strive to incorporate those controls that assure proper function without added complexity or cost.

Actuators and Power Transmission

Automation and process equipment usually require some type of actuators or power transmission. How to use these devices properly requires a staff of dedicated design engineers. At Midway Machine Technologies, our design engineers are committed to a high quality standard with checks and balances throughout the design.

Our engineers are experienced in hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators. Common types of power transmission include electric motors and reducers, gearing, chain, and belts.

We place great emphasis on understanding the operating environment of actuators and power transmission. Hot, cold, wash down, type of lubrication, explosion proof, etc. are important factors to include in the selection.

Speeds, feeds and cycle rate are also important when calculating service factors, as is knowing the efficiency of each component for proper sizing. We prefer to test or prototype devices when the sizing information is not available, to insure the best selection.


Establishing a close collaboration with customers secures successful project operation in the shortest possible time.

Punctuality of delivery is essential to today’s business, and Midway Machine Technologies is known for on time delivery. We will accept responsibility for the total project, if desired, or we can supply supervision for your contractor. Our own engineers will be present during the installation to assure a successful startup and assist in optimizing operations and attaining maximum product quality.

Available Services:

  • Plan and schedule installation
  • Organize site for safety and efficiency
  • Oversee contractors and subcontractors
  • Supervise delivery and unloading
  • Inspect materials and equipment
  • Assure quality of installation