Factory Automation System Engineer


End-to-End Design and Build, System Integration, Robotic Technologies,
Liquid and Powder Transfer, Material Handling, Filling, Machine Controls.

From turnkey automation systems to machined components, you'll find a better way to improve your process at Midway Machine Technologies. Midway serves a growing number of food, pharmaceutical, automotive and furniture manufacturers with application-specific machine solutions. Midway engineers will help you solve complex manufacturing problems - higher volumes, lower waste, minimal energy and repeatable quality - with innovative systems designed, fabricated and delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

From Dairy and Meat Products to Bakery Equipment and Frozen Foods, our machinery can provide you with unique solutions and meet USDA requirements.

Cost-effective and complex processing solutions to meet your pharmaceutical and nutriceutical needs.

Efficiency, reduced cycle time and persistent quality are crucial tools of these industries, and with Midway, our solutions deliver maximum return on investment.

Explore the latest technology to improve your production process and achieve your goals.

Food Packing

The Automatic Tray Infeed Lid Sealer automatically feeds randomly spaced meal trays into tray platens and seals them.

Mix It Up

Get an even, consistent mix, batch after batch, with the Midway Dry Product Mixer. Stainless steel bowl, mixing blades and chute offer easy to clean corrosion resistant performance.