HumaneAire CAS System
HumaneAire CAS


Effective High-Volume Poultry Stunning For Today's Turkey Processors

The Humane-Aire addresses challenging tasks in the farm to fork process - collecting, handling and processing turkeys, including large birds such as Toms, in a humane way that also produces maximum yield.

Say goodbye to high employee turnover and yield reductions. Say hello to higher margins and consistent yields...with the Humane-Aire Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) System. Delivering super results in operational efficiency, product quality and bottom line profits, the patented Humane-Aire CAS System is designed for operator and animal welfare...while meeting production requirements with high quality product. Humane-Aire CAS has proven superior in demanding applications, processing millions of pounds of superior turkey meat annually...with employee turnover at unprecedented low levels.

At a time when breeding methods are producing larger Toms, it has become increasingly difficult - and labor intensive - to shackle 30 or 40 lb. live birds, resulting in near daily employee turnover in poultry plants across the US. A stunned bird, however, is by comparison exceptionally easy to shackle, and with fewer reductions.

  • Birds are never handled by humans prior to stunning
  • Efficient washing and disinfection of cages reduces cross-contamination
  • Stunned turkeys slide out of cage easily to
    shackling conveyor
  • Reduces stress and manpower for shackling staff
  • Tiered cages are denested prior to stunning
  • Optimum use of truck capacity
  • Recycles CO2 for lower costs