automotive, food processing


Midway's portfolio of custom automation systems range from frozen entree container packaging, to meat cutting and packing, to viscous liquid pumping and dispensing. We understand critical USDA regulations and requirements, and we can assist in developing unique solutions to the challenges of maintaining sanitation across multiple process areas. You can rely on Midway to develop machine technologies for high volume or difficult tasks currently employing labor; reducing your operational costs will improve work environments. Designed with flexibility, Midway equipment is engineered to provide thorough wash down and expeditious changeover to keep your lines running to optimum capacity.

Our systems contribute to more efficient pick and place, dispensing, sealing, indexing, product accumulation, inspection and final packing. You can rely on our team experience in 3A designs for dairy products and fluid transfer.

Within food processing, you'll find Midway solutions serving:

  • Dairy Products

  • Beef, Poultry and Pork

  • Bakery Equipment

  • Frozen Foods